College isn’t easy.

Don’t let that stop you! As many as one in three students will drop out of college and never finish their degree. Recent college graduates are more likely to be out of work than the population as a whole. It is not because they aren’t bright, highly capable or lack a strong desire to succeed. It’s because they haven’t been given the skills and tools needed to navigate the complex and overwhelming challenges they face in trying to make it to graduation.

From surveys of more than 4,000 college students here are six of the top reasons that they fail:

  • Lack of motivation

  • Poor time management

  • Procrastination

  • Lack of interest

  • No clear goals

  • Fear of failure

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Are YOU Ready to Succeed?

The program is based on the story of John Spence, now recognized as one of the top leadership and business experts in the world. John failed out of college on the first try, but eventually graduated as one of the top students in his major in the U.S. At just 26 years old, he was named the CEO of an the international Rockefeller foundation. John created this course because he did not want to see students go through the same devastating mistakes that nearly destroyed his future.

What if this course can help you or your child succeed in college, and set them up for a great career and life? Even if it gave them just a few pieces of advice that would keep them on track and moving in a positive direction, it would be worth the small investment, especially compared to everything that’s at stake.

We know that the College and Life Success program can have a strong positive impact on your future! Check it out now!

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