You’ve worked hard to get your child to college.
Now make sure they have what they need to succeed.

Attending college is a tremendous accomplishment, for both you and your child. However, getting in is just the first step – you are sending them to college so that they earn a degree and procure a great job. Unfortunately, one-third of college students don’t graduate, and recent college grads are more likely to be out of work than the population as a whole. Clearly, your child’s adjustment to college life is not to be underestimated, and the inevitable challenges to graduating and finding a job need to be planned for and overcome. 

The College and Life Success course is designed to help students design a plan and overcome the top reasons college students underachieve their potential, including lack of motivation, poor time management, procrastination, lack of interest, no clear goals, and fear of failure. Of course, these factors are not unique to students, so the course is every bit as beneficial to adults as it is to students! You should especially consider this course if you are:

  • A high school senior applying or accepted to college

  • An incoming or current first-year college student preparing or adjusting to college life

  • Any college student looking to improve your academic performance, happiness, or sense of fulfillment.

  • A parent of any of the above groups, so that you can best support your child through their college experience, as well as improve your own performance, happiness, and sense of fulfillment.

Most people say the same thing: “I wish I would have had this years earlier.” Give you or your child the gift of college and life success today!

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To ensure that you or your child does not fall prey to these pitfalls, we created a program called “College and Life Success” which has been taught to more than 200,000 students at 90+ colleges and universities across the United States and the world.

Our new online course is designed to address the troublesome problems listed above. It is built on an innovative and easy to use platform, and made up of short, focused videos that address the most common issues that derail success in college. The modules are extremely engaging and can be viewed on any type of computer or smart phone. In addition, there are workshops, quizzes and a workbook to make sure that every student can take the ideas they are learning and turn them into action in their life.

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The program is based on the story of John Spence, now recognized as one of the top leadership and business experts in the world. John failed out of college on the first try, but eventually graduated as one of the top students in his major in the U.S. At just 26 years old, he was named the CEO of an the international Rockefeller foundation. John created this course because he did not want to see students go through the same devastating mistakes that nearly destroyed his future.

What if this course can help you or your child succeed in college, and set them up for a great career and life? Even if it gave them just a few pieces of advice that would keep them on track and moving in a positive direction, it would be worth the small investment, especially compared to everything that’s at stake.

Some of the areas that are covered include:

  • Creating a set of personal core values to guide your behavior

  • Determining a personal definition of success that inspires you

  • Developing a vision for what you want your college experience to look like

  • Designing a plan and specific goals to achieve that vision

  • Prioritizing and managing your time to achieve your goals
  • Staying highly motivated

  • Understanding what gives you stress and how to reduce it

  • Understanding what gives you happiness and how to increase it
  • The importance of study groups

  • Why it is essential to ask for help

  • Everyone fails at something, how to rebound and learn from failure

  • Why one of the most important things in your life is what you focus on and who you choose to spend time with