Imagine being able to significantly increase the persistence, retention, graduation and job placement rates of your students. This can be achieved, and we can help.

The Problem: More than 1 in 3 U.S. college students will drop out,i and recent college graduates are now more likely to be out of work than the population as a whole.ii Why?

Simply put, many students do not arrive at college with the skills necessary for them to maximize their potential. While numerous factors influence persistence, retention, and graduation rates, addressing the academic tenacity and psychology of the student is critical, and can galvanize students to seize the opportunities for learning that exist in their school environments.iii Key skills and attributes such as growth mindsets, goal-setting, self-regulation and self-control, social belonging and value affirmation are usually not included in most academic curriculums, leaving many students unprepared for the challenges they will face.

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The Solution: To help you help your students overcome barriers and achieve GREATER success in college, we would like to introduce you to a program called “College and Life Success” that has been taught to more than 200,000 students at 90+ colleges and universities across the North America

This online platform has been designed to allow you to scale your efforts beyond those you have time for one-on-one with students. The course is comprised of short, focused videos that address common barriers that cause students to struggle. The modules are extremely engaging and can be viewed on any device connected to the internet. In addition, there are activities, quizzes, and a workbook to make sure that every student can take the ideas they are learning and turn them into action in their life.

“College and Life Success” will help your students:

  • Creating a set of personal core values
  • Determining a personal definition of success

  • Developing a vision for what you want your college experience to look like

  • Designing a plan and specific goals to achieve that vision

  • Applying time management skills

  • How to stay motivated

  • Understanding what gives you stress and how to reduce it

  • Understanding what gives you happiness and how to increase it

  • The importance of study groups

  • Why it is essential to learn to ask for help

  • Why one of the most important things in your life is what you focus on and who you choose to spend time with

The program is based on the story of John Spence, now recognized as one of the top leadership and business experts in the world. John failed out of college on the first try, but eventually graduated as one of the top students in his major in the U.S. At just 26 years old, he was named the CEO of an the international Rockefeller foundation. John created this course because he did not want to see students go through the same devastating mistakes that nearly destroyed his future.

What if this course can help your students succeed in college and set them up for a great career and life? We believe very strongly that it can and ask you to take just a minute to go visit our course and see everything the College and Life Success program has to offer you and your institution.

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iNational Center for Education Statistics; May 2018    iiFederal Reserve Bank data 2019      iiiAcademic Tenacity; Dweck, Walton & Cohen, 2014